Commercial Music Agency

creates original music for 

Direct Response Television programs

We focus exclusively on creating underscore for the
World’s most popular and beloved television products.

We’ve worked on Hollywood Films, Major Pop Records,
Commercials, and Television, but music for DRTV is
where we live, what we do and what we love!

Music for DRTV programs is unlike another other music.
It is not available in music libraries, it maintains very
specific emotional tones and is as important to the
programs as John Williams is to Star Wars. We know that the that people spend watching DRTV programs is crucially important and we strive to make sure that the music 100% effective

No Stock Music

We custom compose and
produce music FOR YOUR SHOW

While most direct-to-television and direct-to-consumer programs utilize stock
music that may or may not perfectly fit a product, CMA drills down and
composes and produces music directly to picture utilizing methodologies that
are common to the television and film industries.

CMA knows DRTV

We custom compose and

From Main Themes to CTAs - We

won’t sleep until it’s JUST RIGHT!

We take your temp music and your direction and then create custom scores that elevate the product and the emotional tone - locked-to-picture!From problem to solution, from aspiration to call to action CMA knows music for DRTV and has you covered!

We Create Original Music Magic Just For You

Yes - We Do It All!

Music composition and production

for the top DRTV brands in the world

Music supervision, editing, mixing and

lock-to-picture - all in-house!

Featured Commercials


Commercial Music Agency is an International leader in providing music for direct response

television programming. Since 2015, CMA has provided custom music for some of the world's

most recognized products. CMA is committed to musical excellence and elevating every

commercial spot we work on from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. In four short years CMA has amassed almost 200 direct response programs to its credit, with daily media buys on over 100 major television networks worldwide.  CMA has provided music for NutriBullet, Magic Bullet,

Wolfgang Puck, Copper Chef, Xhose and dozens of well-known, bleeding edge and legacy products known around the world.

We Take DRTV Music Seriously

Product Themes

CMA does not consider music an afterthought, we take music for direct response television as seriously as Beyonce pick songs for her hit albums or Hans Zimmer composes music for a Hollywood Blockbuster.
We love tapping into the imagination, the aspirations, the common problems and the common Solutions

 that this wide array of products presents. We eat sleep and breathe music for DRTV

 and are completely obsessed with getting it right.

Our music has been featured on...

+ many more networks worldwide

Los Angeles, CA